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 Mary Sue Litmus Test

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PostSubject: Mary Sue Litmus Test   Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:45 am


Found something interesting here. Please read all the instructions before filling any answers. You could end up with an inaccurately high score.
Anyway, my character ended up with a score of 18 which is pretty good.
Selected answers
-Does your character become a genetically, scientifically, cybernetically, or magically altered/enhanced being, possibly with new powers?
-Is your character easily provoked to anger and/or violence? (Anger)
-Does your character ever single-handedly take out more armed forces (EG, security guards, soldiers) than you can count on one hand using his/her kick-butt skills? (this would come from a significant deficit in level)
-Does your character alone have a weapon that... Was given by some kind of spirit/magical being?
-Was given by some kind of spirit/magical being?
-Is unusually ornate?
-Is from a different culture or country than your character? (Weapon has no country of Origin)
-On the subject of your character and his/her family...
Was your character orphaned, abandoned, kicked out, or at least raised by a family/person that was not his/her own family?
-Ran away at any point? (But came back on his own)
-Lived in the streets?
-Adopted by another species/racial group? (Racial group in a neighboring country)
-Is your character ever spared by a villain?

Sue-subtracting answers
-Do you ever poke fun at your character's faults/weaknesses and/or use them as plot devices?
-Has your character ever been in a situation that he/she had no way of overcoming on his/her own?
-Has your character ever ignored wrong-doings against him/herself and/or others because he/she simply didn't want to get into trouble?

"Probably not a Mary-Sue, although a character can go either way at this point. Fanfiction writers should pay attention to ensure that their characters aren't getting too Sue-ish. For an RPG or original fiction character, however, you're probably perfectly fine."
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PostSubject: Re: Mary Sue Litmus Test   Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:04 pm

One of mine is 28. Apparently needs work. Rolling Eyes
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Mary Sue Litmus Test
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